How to pack spices for moving

How to pack spices for moving

There is no doubt that packing is the most laborious, time-consuming, and challenging task to complete when preparing for a house move. There is also no doubt that the kitchen is the hardest room to pack in a home – not only is it full of breakables and oddly-shaped pieces, but the mere number of items in it is truly overwhelming. On top of it, a kitchen is typically stocked with food supplies and pantry items that make things even more complicated – you need to decide what to do with your food when moving and how to pack to the comestibles you want to bring to your new home.

While it is not worth it moving frozen foods and perishables, you will probably want to take some of your pantry items with you – especially high-priced and difficult to find ones, like herbs and spices. They’re quite expensive and have usually been collected over a long period of time, so it makes sense to keep them – it will cost you a lot of time, effort, and money to replace them after the move.

If you want to bring your seasonings along though, you need to know how to pack your pantry – and your spices, in particular – safely and efficiently for the journey to your new home.

Here is how to pack kitchen spices for a move:

Step 1. Declutter your pantry

As with all your other items, before you start packing your pantry items for moving, you need to sort them out and decide what to do with each and every article:

  • Set aside half-full and nearly-empty packages and try to use up their contents before the move;
  • Throw away any expired goods and stale items, as well as spices that have lost their flavor. Make sure you recycle properly any glass jars, glass bottles, plastic containers, and cardboard boxes;
  • Put away unopened canned foods, bags of sugar and flour, boxes of grains, snacks, and cereals, and any other inexpensive pantry items that can be easily replaced when you arrive in your new home – moving such heavy and/or easy-to-spill items will be a waste of money, time, and nerves. It’s best to donate them to a local food bank before you move – or offer them to friends, family, and neighbors, together with any other food supplies you can’t use up until moving day;
  • Set apart the pantry items you want to take to your new home – rare herbs, expensive spices, exotic condiments, gourmet oils, etc.

Good to know: If you’re moving long distance, try to use up as much of your spices as possible before moving day arrives – movers won’t transport food or spices because they can attract pests or cause damage to your other goods (See also: What items movers won’t move). The only way to take your spices to your new home is to transport them yourself.

Once you’ve sorted your spices and other pantry items and decided which of them you’re going to bring along, it’s time to prepare them for moving.

Step 2. Seal up your spices

Unopened spice containers will be easy to pack, but open packages, jars, and bottles will present a spill risk during transit. You need to seal them safely before packing them for moving:

  • Ensure caps are tightly screwed on;
  • Tape any open spice packages shut;
  • Wrap each spice container individually in plastic wrap;
  • Wrap glass jars and glass bottles in packing paper and/or bubble wrap and secure the wrapping in place with packing tape (See also: How to pack fragile items for moving);
  • If you have salt shakers, pepper shakers, or other spice dispensers that you want to bring along, cover their sliding tops with masking tape and wrap the dispensers with plastic wrap;
  • Put all your spice containers and spice packages in thick zip-lock bags (even sealed spice jars and bottles may get accidentally opened or break during transit and both paper spice bags and plastic spice bags tear easily – in such cases, the zip-lock bags will keep the spices safely contained so they don’t spill out and stain your other items).

At this point your spices are ready to be packed and transported to your new home.

Step 3. Pack your spices in a safe and efficient manner

So, how to pack spices for moving? You have two good options:

1. Pack your spices in a small box

Place all your properly wrapped and sealed spice containers in a small, sturdy box. Make sure the bottom of the box is lined with packing paper and there is enough cushioning around the spice containers to keep them from shifting during transit and coming in contact with one another. Fill any remaining empty space in the box with crumpled paper and seal the carton shut with packing tape. The spice containers in the box must be completely immobile. Don’t forget to label the box, so you know where to find your spices when you reach your new home.

Good to remember: Be sure to use strong boxes when packing spices for moving – if a box of pantry items breaks, plastic containers might burst and glass jars and bottles may break. Plastic boxes with sealable lids may be your best option. (Related: Benefits of plastic moving boxes)

2. Pack your spices in pots and crock pots

To save space and keep your spices safe during the move, you can pack them in the pots you’re moving to your new home.

Place a piece of packing paper on the bottom of a large pot, then arrange your safely sealed spice containers and spice bags in it. Use crumpled paper to provide cushioning and immobilize the spice containers. Place the lid over the pot and use plastic wrap to prevent it from opening during transit. Pack the pot in a large cardboard box and label it appropriately.

See also: How to pack a kitchen for moving

Now that you know how to pack kitchen spices for moving, you will have no trouble transporting them to your new home. And it will be really nice to have your favorite seasonings available for your first homemade meal after the move – it will help you feel at home in your new place right from the start.

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